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Half Moon Bay Property Management - Rental Management
Half Moon Bay Homes for Rent

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Moriah Bettencourt Agent: DRE # 01497167

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Current Half Moon Bay Homes for Rent (Our Listings)
[Includes El Granada, Moss Beach, Miramar, Montara, Pescadero, Belmont]








We need rentals for our tenants and get calls every day from families that want a Half Moon Bay home for rent

Moriah or Lisa  are always available to  help you rent or purchase a home in Half Moon Bay


for more information on Coastside Real Estate.

We are a full service local independent broker working for you!

(650) 712-6800

PO Box 216, Half Moon Bay CA 94019

Our Half Moon Bay Real Estate and Rentals all handled by Coastside Half Moon Bay Real Estate Agents. We specialize in  Half Moon Bay homes for rent, El Granada homes for rent, Moss Beach homes for rent, Montara homes for rent. We also have  Pescadero homes for rent, La Honda homes for rent, woodside homes for rent and serve all areas of the san mateo coast. Our Half Moon Bay area Real Estate Office is a full service brokerage offering sales and Property Management of Half Moon Bay Commercial Properties as well as Half Moon Bay homes for Sale and Half Moon Bay investment property for sale. Give us a call to see what we can do for you. Half Moon Bay Rentals, El Granada Rentals, Moss Beach Rentals, Montara Rentals, Pescadero Rentals.
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Del Mar Properties has been associated and cooperates with Kathy Caloca of Crown Properties of Half Moon Bay for many years.
We often consult and cooperate with each other on Real Estate Issues.

Mid Peninsula Housing Coalition

San Mateo County Housing

Non Profit Housing

Bay Area Legal Aid

HUD.gov U.S Department of Urban Housing and Development

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